Cinemedia is an award-winning video production company that specializes in creating quality wedding films that people love to watch. Drawing from years of experience in the motion picture and network television industries, we have developed a unique style that combines engaging stories with breathtaking cinematography.  Our goal is to produce artistic captivating films that go beyond merely documenting the events of the day.  Our approach is highly unobtrusive and candid which allows us to capture “real” moments without getting in the way.

Steve Graham and Bobby Fishbough are the driving forces behind Cinemedia.  Steve’s background is in feature films, having worked in California’s motion picture industry for many years.  The skills he acquired have translated well to event cinematography.  Bobby’s years of experience in network television have given him a strong understanding of storytelling.  Combining their strengths has allowed Steve and Bobby to take their work to another level.

Cinemedia is a company that has a reputation for excellence.  We’re always looking to improve and work tirelessly to stay on top of the latest trends, tools and technologies.  We love what we do and thrive on the challenge of producing dynamic movies in the unscripted settings of event cinematography.  There is no greater reward than delivering wedding films that our clients and their families will rave about for years to come.